Self publishing made simple.

Our job is to make self publishing simple — like working with a traditional publisher, but different.

We put online front and centre

Most books today are discovered and bought online. That’s true whether they’re printed or ebooks, and it’s especially true for self published authors. We use digital techniques from production right through to sales and marketing so that your book can be found and bought by anyone, anywhere.

You get more than just a book

Printing a book is not the same as publishing it, so our service doesn’t end with the delivery of a box of books. You get a complete publishing ‘platform’, worldwide distribution, and expert help with the sales and marketing of your book.

We charge a simple fee with no hidden margins or commissions

We’re in Auckland, New Zealand and employ skilled and experienced professionals to work on your book. At the end of it, you’ll have a professionally-published, bookshop quality book, you’ll have complete control over its marketing, distribution, printing and pricing, and you’ll receive 100% of the income from sales. This approach gives your book the best chance of success and ensures you can take advantage of all opportunities.

Publishing help from start to finish

There are many steps in a book publishing project. But most services stop at one or two, leaving you with big gaps to figure out. Our approach is different — we take you every step of the way. It starts with considering all the options and picking the right approach, then proceeds to final publication and beyond.

Publishing for an online world

Technology has changed how readers find and buy books. That means changes are needed in how to make and sell books. While we follow traditional practices for quality, we specialise in using digital publishing and online marketing techniques to reach and sell to today’s digital-savvy readers.

Keep control, keep all your rights

It’s important to us that you have full control and 100% ownership of your book and all aspects of its publishing and sales. So our service is like having a publisher to take away the hassle, without signing away your rights and profits. And no hidden ‘gotchas’ like expensive print costs.

Martin has guided and mentored me through the self publishing maze with patience, efficiency and ease. It has been a pleasure working with him to publish three books over three years. I could trust him and he helped out as needed, when needed. I do not hesitate to recommend him.

Rosy Fenwicke

Author of Hot Flush, No Sweat and Death Actually

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How to publish a book — the easy way

Here are some of our self publishing services. We’ll manage the whole book publishing project from start to finish.

Amazon Publishing

With roots in digital, we’re experts in publishing and marketing on Amazon in both Kindle ebook and print formats

Ebook Conversion

We’ll convert your manuscript or book into an ebook, handcrafting it to produce results no automated system can match.

Print on Demand

We can turn your book or manuscript into a black and white or colour print-on-demand edition and distribute it to thousands of booksellers worldwide.

Online Book Marketing

Our special expertise in online book marketing means we can help you reach your readers wherever in the world they are, and deliver books to them.

Expert, personal self publishing support

Publishing expert Martin Taylor

I’m Martin Taylor and I personally lead every book publishing project. You’ll benefit from more than two decades of experience creating and marketing digital and print works in New Zealand and the US. My hands-on approach, extensive technical and digital marketing skills, and help from a small team of design, editing and marketing professionals, ensure that every book I take on is completed to the highest standards, and given the best chance of success.

“There are so many ways to publish a book now that picking the right strategy is critical. Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation and I’ll make sure you get the most important decision right before you spend a dollar.”

Working with Martin continues to be a delight. He has provided me with sagacious advice at every stage and is genuinely encouraging about my work. He not only understands the time honoured needs of publishing but also the things we need to do in the cyber world…

John Hanlon

Author, Stealing Smokes

As a writer with no previous experience of publishing, I found Martin’s approach was systematic and professional through all the mysterious stages of publishing. He offered his knowledge freely and provided a lot of ‘how to’ information that I still use…

Jude Thomas

Author, The Gold Series

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