CHECKLIST: How to publish a book

Here’s a checklist of the major steps in publishing a book to help you get started.

Key Tasks to Publish a Book

Here’s a checklist of the major steps to publish a book in print and ebook editions. For help with all, or just a few of them, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Review manuscript and prepare publishing plan
  2. Edit manuscript
  3. Proofread manuscript
  4. Source and prepare digital image files
  5. Review and obtain digital rights and permissions
  6. Design ebook cover
  7. Design print edition cover
  8. Prepare book description, author bio
  9. Obtain ISBNs, CiP
  10. Prepare book and ebook front matter and back matter
  11. Layout interior (print)
  12. Markup manuscript for ebook conversion
  13. Ebook formatting and conversion (EPUB and Kindle
  14. Produce print-ready cover and interior files
  15. Testing and quality control (ebooks)
  16. Produce final, distribution-ready ebook editions
  17. Set up distribution for Kindle and EPUB ebooks
  18. Set up printing and distribution for print edition
  19. Print proof copy, review and make any corrections
  20. Print final copies as required
  21. Set up accounts, tax, royalty payments
  22. Set up author pages
  23. Set pricing strategy
  24. Optimise and distribute metadata
  25. Set up book/author website
  26. Set up social media profiles
  27. Set up email marketing
  28. Implement SEO (search engine optimisation)
  29. Book launch and promotion
  30. Monitoring and reporting

Publishing a book is a big project to manage. There are new skills to learn, contractors and suppliers to coordinate, and lots of decisions to make. And you’ve got one chance to get it right!

What to do when your book is published

The internet now ensures your book will always be available to purchase instantly, everywhere. In the past, there was a very short window when bookshops held stock, then most books were remaindered and discarded. Successful publishing today is a marathon, not a sprint.

Here’s a quick tip sheet on how to sell your book in this new world

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