Spirituality 101–601 and Beyond

This set of simple mind lessons can lead you back to the Real Life with full Spirituality. It is not religion, it is ancient information from the beginning of all created things.

Learn to take responsibility for your ego self, to awaken again as Spirit Self, and that Love flows endlessly to and through you from a Source in the very depth of you.

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Do you want more Joy in your Life? How about more Peace of Mind too?

This book unlocks these possibilities in any person by awakening their own Spirituality, just by following simple mind lessons. The unlocking occurs as you learn to let love flow to you and through you, not from a source apart from you, but the source of love deep inside yourself.

Does that sound useful or maybe essential to you?

The series of progressive lessons in this book will lead you to possible full awakening with Joy and a Peaceful Mind, beyond human understanding.