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Here are some of our self publishing services. We’ll manage the whole book publishing project from start to finish, or we’ll work with you or your team to plug the gaps.
Amazon self publishing

Amazon Publishing

Self-publishers know that succeeding on Amazon is critical. We’re experts in self-publishing on Amazon in both Kindle ebook and print formats. We publish both ebook and print formats using digital methods to that take full advantage of Amazon. Most traditional services are aimed at bookstores even though, for most self-publishers, they generate — at best — a small share of sales.

Our online ‘optimisation’ skills ensure books and ebooks get the best chance of being found, recommended and bought from the world’s biggest book marketplace.

Self publishing books using print on demand

Print on Demand

We turn your existing print book files or your manuscript into a black and white or colour print-on-demand (POD) edition. This means you only print what you can sell.

But unlike POD from your local print shop which ends up in your garage, our system is connected to a global distribution network. This ensures your books are printed and dispatched as they’re ordered — anywhere in the world.

Your print edition can be bought by bookshops and libraries worldwide, and is listed for sale on major online stores like Amazon and Book Depository. There is no expensive print run to pay for, and distribution is taken care of — there’s no need to store books or ship them around the country or the world.

And for your own use, such as selling at book events, you can buy copies directly from the printer at cost — typically a 70-80% discount from the selling price that you set.

(Some self publishing services control both the printing and the retail price, selling books to authors for a smaller discount from retail. This means authors pay more and the high retail price limits sales to readers.)

Ebook conversion for Kindle and EPUB

Ebook Conversion

We’ll convert your manuscript or book into an ebook. We specialise in handcrafted ebooks and we code each book to ensure it looks and performs the best that it can on Amazon Kindle and all major devices that support the industry EPUB format.

We don’t use high volume, automated systems because they limit your design choices and often produce poor results that can affect readers’ ratings. And we quality-control our work across all key ebook readers before any ebook is released into the wild.

While this approach costs a little more, it produces a book that rewards the care you invested in writing it, and that you and your readers will love.

Book marketing

Online Book Marketing

We’ll advise you on the best way to sell your book (here are a few priceless tips from us to get you started). But we recognise that plans can stall with the technical challenges of marketing in today’s digital world. So once you have your plan in place, we can deal with the technical aspects of marketing your book.

We offer several options, starting with ‘Upload and Optimise’ plans for ebooks and print editions which ensures that your book has the best chance of being found on Amazon, Google and a host of online places that readers find books. We can also help with author websites, social media marketing and online advertising campaigns specifically tailored for books.

We can also advise on traditional book marketing methods for bookstores, libraries and business to business markets where we have extensive marketing and distribution experience.

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