What our authors say about working with us …

Martin’s in-depth knowledge of online publishing, marketing and his contacts were indispensable in shaping my first self-published book into something of which I am extremely proud. Always happy and willing to answer questions and provide support and encouragement during the process, nothing was ever any trouble for him. I highly recommend Martin to anyone looking for great service and wonderful results.

Andrea Jacka

Author of One for Another

As a writer with no previous experience of publishing, I found Martin’s approach was systematic and professional through all the mysterious stages of publishing. He offered his knowledge freely and provided a lot of ‘how to’ information that I still use. Martin is patient and kind and never once made me feel like a dummy.

Jude Thomas

Author of The Gold Series

Working with Martin continues to be a delight. He has provided me with sagacious advice at every stage and is genuinely encouraging about my work. He not only understands the time honoured needs of publishing but also the things we need to do in the cyber world. Things that mystify me are simple for Martin. We talk, things happen. Seamlessly. Finally, he has also been remarkably patient and understanding when health issues have slowed my turn around time with various things. In short, Martin is a hero in my book.

John Hanlon

Author of Stealing Smokes

“… not only understands the time honoured needs of publishing but also the things we need to do in the cyber world.”

“Always happy and willing to answer questions and provide support and encouragement … nothing was ever any trouble for him.”

“… a very up-to-date, practical knowledge of modern book marketing”

“… exceptionally easy to work with.”

“… delighted in how the book turned out.”

“I would strongly recommend him to any author.”


Working with Martin to publish The Abbot’s Shoes as an ebook and then in print-on-demand, was as straightforward as it was rewarding. He has long-standing and comprehensive experience in the publishing industry, and a very up-to-date, practical knowledge of modern book marketing…especially in the www world. Whilst being well able to advise and direct in detail, Martin nevertheless works cooperatively with the author, ensuring that the finished article is everything originally envisioned.

Peter Robertson

Author of The Abbot’s Shoes

Martin has guided and mentored me through the self publishing maze with patience, efficiency and ease. It has been a pleasure working with him to publish three books over three years. I could trust him and he helped out as needed, when needed. I do not hesitate to recommend him.

Rosy Fenwicke

Author of Hot Flush, No Sweat and Death Actually

Martin worked closely with the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand in producing an eBook version of Anne Frank’s Diary in te Reo Maori. Martin was consistently professional, demonstrated superior technical expertise and went out of his way on several occasions to problem solve. He is very customer-focused and exceptionally easy to work with. A great working experience.

Dianne Davis

Project Manager, HCNZ

How fortunate I was to have Martin guide me through the daunting process of self-publishing! His sage advice, his patience, his professionalism, his integrity, his availability, his affability – his amazing knowledge of the processes that are necessary to produce, present and promote a work of quality in the modern day, will always be remembered and appreciated. What a pleasure it was to work with him! What a pity I didn’t have his help when my first novel was published! My hope is that I have another in me, and we can do it all again.

Fred Simpson

Author of The Sunflower and the Sparrow

I used Martin’s services to self publish my first book. He always gave me great choices in cover design and internal layout, ran to timetable and produced a website that has been running for over six months now without any problems. I am also delighted in how the book turned out. I have already recommended him to some of my friends.

Dr Graham Desborough

Author of How the Brain Thinks

Martin helped me publish my first print-on-demand book, Dying to Tell You. His vast experience and expertise has been reassuring throughout the somewhat daunting publishing process. Always willing to help, he has given me patient, methodical support and guidance every step of the way. Working together, I was ecstatic when the proof copy of my book finally arrived. It was all I had hoped for and more. I highly recommend him to any author.

Kathryn Perks

Author of Dying to Tell You

I had the pleasure to get in touch with Martin and apart from enjoying his wise and valuable services for the publication of my book Two Dogs one Wife, we also became friends. I would strongly recommend him to any author.

Giorgio Allemano

Author of Two Dogs One Wife